My Shutterstock activity

Well it has been just over two years since I opened my account with Shutterstock and by the end of today, I should have just over 500 images uploaded. This number, although seeming huge to me, is apparently, just a tiny handful for those contributors who seem to be most active.

This is one from the batch I shall upload later today. I can’t even imagine if it has a commercial value and if it will sell as a stock photo. It may do better on a site that sells contributors images as canvases – I have yet to look at that properly. I barely spend enough time doing what social media I already do (and that is another discussion).


I can’t say stock photography seems to be all glamour – my most sold photo (and my hardest working because it usually sells for minimum return) is a photo I’m not particularly proud of being the author of. But, it has made a fair contribution to my sales, and it does seem to fulfil a commercial need for users all over the world:


And the photo with the best average returns (least sold for most money) is another non-glamourous image that I snapped quickly on the quayside in Folkestone:


This was an early photo that I thought might have some value to show the gender differences between boys and girls but it has never sold. And now, I wonder if it is not such a good photo:



There are a couple of early photos that I do like, and I thought they might have a commercial use but they have never sold. Maybe I need to review the keywording and titles of these images as I feel they should still have potential:






I’m pleased to say I think the quality of my photos is vastly improving as time rolls on. It doesn’t necessarily mean the most recent photos outsell ones that have been there longer – yet. I hope this one does well:



It is a very mysterious game but it is a game I quite enjoy… checking everyday to see what has sold. Having the occasional jolt because nothing sold that day or, the euphoria because a single image sold for a good sum of money. I shall never make my fortune with it but, yes, it’s a good game.

After reading this, if anyone is tempted to get involved in the challenge that is stock photography, there is a reasonable referral scheme. Why not message me and we could talk about how that works.






Week 46 of this never-ending 366 challenge

I know I shall be sorry when the challenge is over but for the moment….

Anyway, this week, back home, from India into the cold climate of the British autumn. I hope you might forgive that I haven’t been hanging around outside much for photos this week but, on the positive side, it is pushing me to think about some indoor still lifes… Which it would seem I do need some practise with. Here goes:

He’s been with us a long time.
Glass ceilings in Eastbourne cafes
Lined up, practising to be sausages
It’s 11pm, WHAT picture can I make?
I’d quite like a real one.
Yet again this picture of my cute little Jack Russell because. not only did she win club dpi of the year at our local club but she has now won a bronze medal at the Sussex Photographic Federation this month.
WHY did I come back from town with more Christmas decorations? Save me from Christmas in November.



Week 43 of 366-2 challenge

133 feet above sea level, Thiruvalluvar stands off the tip of the peninsular at the southern most point of India.
Not difficult to take people pictures here.
Spiritual bathing at sunrise – cannot get over that they do not see the volume of litter everywhere.
Drive by rice pickers posteriors travelling through Tamil Nadu
Beautiful vines in Kumilly
The ethical dilema – ultimately, I’m happy to help finance a good quality of care for these vulnerable creatures.
The jack fruit – new to me.

Week 42 of 366-2

Spent mostly in the middle of the Arabian sea on a little archipelago of islands which extend northwards from the Maldives and are an Indian territory known as the Lakshadweep Islands

(If it was week 42, there could only have been 10 weeks left of this year….? Noooo!!!!! And I’m posting this 3 weeks retrospectively so….. 7 weeks? Noo, noo, nooooooo!!! )

Anyway, the Lakshadweep Islands and then back to Fort Kochi:

Loading the baggage
Local fishing boats to transfer to islands
Throwing off the constraints of ‘civilised’ society
Economy: dried fish (and coconuts)
Back to Fort Kochi and more organised tourist commodities.
The laundry – dhobi khana – which kind of made me think of the Harry Potter house elf – Dobby.
Why does India have such lovely soft light? Hope it’s not the smog from the richshaws…. sad.

366 Challenge (-2)

I may have to change the title of the challenge I set myself this year which was to take a photo a day for 366 days. I cannot find two of the photos I should have taken for week 40 and until I do, I shall have to retitle this challenge 366-2days. Of course, I may never find them as it is quite possible that I never took them.. That week was quite a disorganised week with lots of travel plans to think about.

Those I do recall for week 40 were:

From the car park in town
Green leaves which will be gone when we return.
iphonography of flight over Iran.
Squashed local wildlife in door jamb.
First encounter with the manic, noisy streets of India


Week 39 of 366 Challenge

Oh, my goodness, I have some catching up to do to bring all this up to date. Everything got posted to FB and even Instagram whilst we were away. I didn’t post to WP as, during our travels, we weren’t stopping anywhere long enough to be able to compose a sentence – not that my sentences usually have much considered composition about them 🙂

Wk 39. the week before we flew off, looked like this:

Dog sitting for an unimpressed labradoodle
A choir clash performance
Riding the East Hill funicular
Last of the sunflowers?
So much wrapping for such a little package.
Chinese take away food.
Thinking gothic horror.