Volunteering for St Michael’s Hospice.

As a family, we owe this incredible local hospice charity so much for ensuring my parents' end of life care was as warm, caring and carefree an experience one can ever hope for; volunteering to photograph any promotional activities and events for St Michael's Hospice is always a pleasure. These photos are from their Christmas on the Coast... Continue Reading →

My LRPS process with the Royal Photographic Society

This time last year I was looking for strategies to drive my photography forward and wanting a challenge, I joined the Royal Photographic Society. Firstly, I joined because I'd seen a couple of their monthly magazines and I enjoyed the content far more than I now do of the repetitive articles in commercial magazines off the... Continue Reading →

The Hastings Half Marathon 2018

A post of 26 photos. I've failed to photograph this annual event for the last couple of years - maybe, partly, because last year I was having an incredible time at the Photography Show in Birmingham. This year, it was absolutely freezing and I wimped out before everyone had gone past. However, it was nonetheless inspiring to... Continue Reading →

Digital Art

A post of 2 images. I'm not sure creating digital art is my forte but I do enjoy the insurmountable challenge of manipulating Photoshop to bend to my command - haha. I came home from the Cuckmere estuary this year with lots of photos of the plastics washed up on the high water mark after winter storms.... Continue Reading →

From The Tower of London

A post of 9 photos. Yet another set of photos that never got blogged at the time of taking them back in January (don't ask, it's been a very strange year) which is a shame as I was, and am, very proud of these London beauties. Many were taken from the top of Tower Bridge;... Continue Reading →

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