Revisiting f-stops

I assume there will come a day when depth of field becomes a controlled variable rather than pot luck. This image was taken from a close point of view - about 18 inches from the main subject which was as close as my Nikon 18-55 would allow me to get whilst maintaining auto-focus. How focused would I... Continue Reading →


Bexhill Lions Triathlon

Firstly, I have to say how much more relaxing it was to photograph rather than compete in the annual Bexhill Lions Triathlon this year. It's a great event where everyone has a good time with friendly people and... It raises money for a worthy charity. Secondly, as some of these images are slightly more interesting in black and white,... Continue Reading →

Monochrome Madness on the Medway

I've done quite a bit of photography on film this week, and providing the black and white one develops successfully, my entry next week should be analogue rather than digital. The consequence of taking the old analogue Fujica out this week is that I don't have such a wide range of digital shots to choose from... Continue Reading →

Wishing Tree Fishing Hole

Being short on time Friday evening, I thought I'd take the dog round the local fishing hole. Although a great resource for the lads (and lasses), I don't think I'll be taking the dog back to Wishing Tree as it was a constant battle to stop her eating all the left over bread the boys... Continue Reading →

Drama at the sailing regatta

We were on the beach to watch the annual Bexhill rowing regatta but were distracted by the sailing which, considering the lack of wind, seemed fraught with its own mini narratives. The young lad in the first photo, who was more interested in dangling his feet over this side of the boat and experimenting in going... Continue Reading →

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