The Hastings Half Marathon 2018

A post of 26 photos. I've failed to photograph this annual event for the last couple of years - maybe, partly, because last year I was having an incredible time at the Photography Show in Birmingham. This year, it was absolutely freezing and I wimped out before everyone had gone past. However, it was nonetheless inspiring to... Continue Reading →

Digital Art

A post of 2 images. I'm not sure creating digital art is my forte but I do enjoy the insurmountable challenge of manipulating Photoshop to bend to my command - haha. I came home from the Cuckmere estuary this year with lots of photos of the plastics washed up on the high water mark after winter storms.... Continue Reading →

From The Tower of London

A post of 9 photos. Yet another set of photos that never got blogged at the time of taking them back in January (don't ask, it's been a very strange year) which is a shame as I was, and am, very proud of these London beauties. Many were taken from the top of Tower Bridge;... Continue Reading →

A long weekend in Dorset, England

A post of 34 photos. The Purbeck railway line transports the nostalgic voyager along the 12mile track through English countryside and past the magnificent Corfe Castle sitting high on its hill above its quaint village to the seaside town of Swanage. There, we took a tall ship out along the coast to witness, from the sea, Harry Rock... Continue Reading →

The Phallus and The Kraken

Today, we were noticed. The ‘money’ men arrived in town.   Those (wo)men who relish rising, in the guise of regeneration for the good of humanity, to the challenge of raising £500m of tax payers money to finance their latest scheme - those who exhibit megalomaniac egoistical behaviours in feeling compelled to grow their wealth... Continue Reading →

Hastings Carnival 2017

Unfortunately, due to reasons I can only imagine - rising costs, austerity, people working harder for their buck - the amount of people putting time and effort into Hastings Carnival seems to diminish year on year. Or, maybe, there are so many dress up events in the town's social calendar (bonfire night, Mayday, pirates day....) that this... Continue Reading →

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