Need Photography? Get in Touch! All photography on this site is my own work. Please respect the time and commitment invested to produce such a body of photography and complete a purchase before using any of these photos - either on digital platforms or for print. All work in these blog posts and... Continue Reading →

Kapow! photography for St Michael’s Hospice.

Any excuse to talk up our local St Michael's Hospice is good. When I can combine that with a photography shoot, even better. It was a real pleasure to share a beautiful sunny Sunday morning with all those who had signed up for the Kapow! fun run promotional event for the hospice; it always moves me... Continue Reading →

The Hastings Half Marathon 2018

A post of 26 photos. I've failed to photograph this annual event for the last couple of years - maybe, partly, because last year I was having an incredible time at the Photography Show in Birmingham. This year, it was absolutely freezing and I wimped out before everyone had gone past. However, it was nonetheless inspiring to... Continue Reading →

Digital Art

A post of 2 images. I'm not sure creating digital art is my forte but I do enjoy the insurmountable challenge of manipulating Photoshop to bend to my command - haha. I came home from the Cuckmere estuary this year with lots of photos of the plastics washed up on the high water mark after winter storms.... Continue Reading →

Juggling for the camera club

Well, so far, January has failed to prove very productive on the photography front. So luckily, the local camera club arranged for the local juggling squad to join us this week. I thought I'd take the opportunity to experiment with a style of photography I'd seen before and admired when used to photograph dancers. I wanted to explore if... Continue Reading →

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