A walk down All Saints Street, Hastings

Well, it took me over an hour to walk the few hundred yards that is All Saints Street in Hastings. It was resplendent under the mid afternoon sun – not the best time to take photos but sometimes you have to before everything disappears into shadow.

At least, this time, I managed to stop myself for a while before being drawn over the road and onto the beach. But that’s another post.


The Priscilla MacBean (C1920) is one of the two old life boats currently on display in Hastings
The Stag Inn is the reputedly the most haunted pub in Hastings.
Example of Tudor architecture in Hastings
The flagstones of All Saints Street pavements.
Pretty flowers decorated the street.
Looking a little spaghetti western in places adds to the eclectic atmosphere of Hastings Old Town
People making a real effort with their potted plants And, when the decisive moment is the sudden appearance of a babies’ buggy.
Maybe not the oldest architecture, but I love these little cottages.
These slab steps are a fond memory of my youth – sitting there with my then besties 🙂
More early architecture – once inhabited by fishermen and tradesmen, many have now been priced out by holiday let landlords.
Love zinc pots
Postcard perfect scene.
The second of the lifeboats on display with All Saints church in the background.


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