New Places – First Times

Waking to a bright, sunny autumnal morning earlier this week, I thought I might challenge myself and take myself off to a new, different type of place to photograph. Just up the road from us is a beautiful little church, nestled in the woods – hence the name ‘Church in the Wood’ – and it would be the first time I had tried to capture a graveyard. Maybe a little macabre for some but, although not being religious, I do find them serene. And, a good chat with the 87 year old gardener (wish I’d got a shot of him) and the sexton who tried to tice me into Christianity with bacon butties rounded off the morning nicely.

I tried editing these images but whatever I did, I couldn’t seem to make them look better – maybe my crush on Photoshop is gradually waning. These are as they came out of the camera. Now that I’ve photographed it once, I need to go back soon and take the photos I wish I’d taken. Here are six (or seven) of what I got this week. I hope you enjoy the serenity of them.



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